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Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Kefalos Castle, Kos, Greece

The castle of Kefalos, Kos island, Greece 2004
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 August, 2004, 5:08:00 AM
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The castle was built by the Knights Hospitaller at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries on the foundations of an earlier fortification. During the Turkish invasion of Kos in 1457 (156 ships, 16.000 soldiers), the Kefalos Castle together with the castles of Palaio Pyli and Antimachea served as a place of refuge for all 12,000 inhabitants of Kos (the Turks were eventually repulsed by the Knights Hospitaller and Koans after 23 days of fighting). Kos was conquered by the Knights of St. John between 1306 and 1309, roughly the same time as Rhodes. Under the Knights the island was an independent administrative unit (prefecture), governed by officials appointed by Council of Rhodes. Particular attention was paid by the Knights Hospitaller to the island’s defensive fortification. One of the most important duties of the governors was construction, repair and maintenance of the castles which had been erected at strategic locations. Some of those fortifications survive to this day, of which the most important are the Castle of Neratzia in Kos town, which extended the port, the Castle of Palaio Pyli at the feet of Mount Dikeos, the Castle of Antimachea which dominates the centre of the island, and the Castle of Kefalos guarding the southern coast of Kos. 

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