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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Erase unwanted things from photos with Photoshop (simple tutorial)

Oh no! Date appeared on the bottom of a picture....
I know a lot of people want the date to appear for their memories. But how many of you have forgot to disable that from the settings of your camera? Yeah, i have been a victim too. Its so annoying and some times disappointing when we realize that a shot that looks so nice (and can become a favorite one) has the annoying date at the bottom (or top)!
Another problem is when we are on the run and can't stop for a good shot, or the place is little crouwded. Classical tourist problem that likes good photos :p
Well i m not a photoshop expert at all but after a lot of playing and testing i found a tool called Clone Stamp Tool. And its magical!
I recently posted the second part of some my shots from Edinburgh. One of those pictures had all the above problems. So lets see how the original shot was...
This shot was in a hurry (quick shot) and from a friend's camera. As you see the date is appeared and cars and people are at the bottom. And this is where Photoshop program and its Clone Stamp Tool saves us :)
As i told you am really a photoshop amateur and i'm sure lots of experts have made amazing and full detailed tutorials on the net. I manage to find it alone and i'm sure anyone can do it, but i will be glad if my simple tutorial can give you an idea and help someone :)

This is where the Clone stamp tool is

But first i suggest you to zoom in the area of the picture you want to interfere so that your edits will be more precise and it will be easier to work. The zoom tool is here

After selecting the zoom tool go to the area that you want to interfere and click as much as you want until the area has the size that satisfies you. If you want to zoom out or zoom in again you can change the tool's way on the top right of the screen

So now that you have the your area zoomed in lets go back to the clone stamp tool. If you right click on the tool you will find two selections. All you need is the first one

If you click it and you go on the area that you want to edit you will see that your cursor is in circle shape

Now, in my picture i wanted to "erase" the white car and the date's red numbers. How? I will just copy some green grass from the garden and some green trees from the back. All you need is to press Alt key, keep it pressed and click on the area you want to copy (make a clone). When you press the Alt key you will see that circle shaped cursor will change into a small target

When you click the area that you want (some green trees for me) the cursor will go back to its circle shape, which means that the area is copied. In the next sample i have cloned some green trees from the back and erased some of the date and then cloned a some grass and erased the steel top of the car
(After Clone stamp tool's edit)

Now another great thing that you can do is changing the size of your circle shaped cursor. This will allow you to copy (clone) bigger areas so that you don't have make lots of clones (alt+ clicks and clicks). So, you just right click anywhere on the picture and a small window with many sized circles will appear.

You select a bigger or smaller circle and you can keep doing the clone procedure. For more sizes you can also use the Master diameter bar on the top.  In my picture grass and trees make it a lot easier. Check it
(After Clone stamp tool's edit)

Of course some times a big circle clone on detailed area or with many different objects area is not a good idea.
Well this is how to "erase" unwanted objects from a picture with the Photoshop program. In a very simple tutorial of course :P So check in full edition now.

(Original picture)
(After editing)

With this magical tool i manage to erase the date, the people (on the right and one woman on the left), the two cars and extend the flowers (back and front) and the fence :) 
I hope that i managed to help some or few people out there that may want to erase objects from their favorite pictures. Keep on shooting and keep one making your pictures better (if needed) ;)


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Spiros Pressure said...

Thank you. I m glad you find it interesting :) I believe that asking through facebook, blogger and Google plus would be a good start for professional writers ;)