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Friday, June 1, 2012

Me and my camera collection (Retro and digital)

Since i was a child i always liked taking photos. Then i had my Polaroid and later my pocket Kodak. I still have my Polaroid and my pocket camera together with all the retro cameras that my family owned in time. I keep them for collection and admiring reasons. Here is my retro camera collection.
(click on the pictures for a bigger views)

I never had the chance to get in the world of photography until i got my first digital camera in 2001 ( i think). The Olympus c-160 was like an evolution to me.
 Info and source here

No spending in films or printing and enjoying hundred of shots? That was it! I got in the world of photography, it became one of my favorite hobbies. The camera become so important and i couldn't go out without it like it was a cloth. An obsession-hobby that become a way of life. One day that cam was stolen with my bag while i was on a beach. I got sad and angry but i realized that i can be without taking photos with a camera. So after collecting money i managed to buy my second camera, an Olympus (again? don't ask me why :p ) Camedia C-470.

Info here

Time passed by enjoying, capturing moments, traveling, experiencing, trying things, improving ( i think). But then bad luck hit twice. First in a Korn concert, bad timing for a shot, a sudden panic after a guitar riff, a strong push and my camera on the ground. I manage to fix it, payed an outrageous price but a year later... the final hit....during holidays the camera slept from my hand and never opened again. Then i said that this was a chance for me to go for a better camera this time. So till today i' m enjoying my semi professional Olympus SP-550 uz. 
Info here

I'm very pleased with this great camera and its quality is really admirable. I love this camera for its quality and big zoom, even that some times the focus control is really annoying, especially when you need to capture a moving target quickly. I hope that i will manage to buy a professional camera some day tho and put my shootings to another level.

I love photography and even that i m just an amateur photographer i try to express feelings, thoughts and inspirations with my camera filling my memory card and my hard disc. Capturing everything, moments, memories, fun, places, inspiring and experiencing in every shot are some of the few joys in life.

Soon will make a post or two only for my retro cameras :)

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